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Landscape Design has been my way of life and passion as long as I can recall, even before I received my C27 Landscape Contractors license, and far before I decided to return to college to study Environmental Horticulture. My curiosity in how I could creatively and responsibly affect, preserve, and manipulate landscapes has never slowed down, and I continue to learn every single day. When I dive into a design for my business, Landscape Reflections, I always begin with a lively conversation with a client in the midst of their garden. Getting the lay of the land and figuring out the personalities, goals, and visions of a family or individual is paramount. And something I have always held fast to in my business philosophy is providing top shelf products and elite design concepts to all. Landscape Reflections has affordable and effective options--no matter how small or large in scale.
As gardens come into fruition and maturity over the seasons and the years, their color, leaf textures, and theme should remain enjoyable to the senses and an individual's bottom line. My work spans from Palo Alto to San Francisco, generally, and I focus on both residential and commercial spaces. Designing for the US Coast Guard, being represented in the San Mateo Arboretum garden tour, and leading a gardening education initiative in the Hillsborough Garden Tour all keep me excited and thrilled to be doing what I do. I'm always happy to connect and answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out at any time.

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